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Production of fresh pepper beef sauce


Fresh pepper beef sauce, red and bright. After the slices remain intact, the cutting surface is bean-colored, and a small amount of beef tendons in the muscles are yellow and transparent.The food is salty, tender and refreshing, and it is an ideal delicacy on people's table. The production method is now described as follows:

First, ingredients. 
Ingredients: Vegetable oil, chili, ginger, soy sauce, bean curd, beef, chicken essence seasoning, white sugar, peanuts, sesame seeds, spices, edible flavors and fragrances.

Second, the processing method.

1, the choice of materials finishing. Choose fresh beef that is not fat or thin, soak it in cold water, wash the blood, clean the meat with a plate brush, and remove the bones. Then cut into pieces of about 0.75-1 kilograms, the thickness of not more than 40 cm, and put it in clean water once, according to the meat and tender separately stored.

2, transfer sauce. Add about 50 kilograms of clear water to the pot. After a little warming, add 1/2 of the required amount of salt and yellow sauce. Boil for 1 hour, remove the sauce floating on the soup, and put it into the container for use.

3, beef pot. Put the meat bones on the bottom of the pan and around it so that the meat does not stick to the wall of the pot. Then the meat is cooked in the pot. The old meat is on the bottom of the pan, tender on the top, and the front legs. , cavity meat in the middle.

4, sauce system. After the meat is placed in the pot, pour in the miso soup. After boiling, add a variety of ingredients, and pressure cooker plate pressure, add fresh water, stir cook about 4 hours. After cooking for the first hour, rinse off the noodles in the soup and cook once every other hour. According to the consumption of soup, the old soup is properly added so that each piece of meat can be immersed in the soup. After prospering for 4 hours, simmer for 4 hours on a low heat so that the flavor slowly penetrates into the meat. When cooking, turn the pans every 1 hour to make the meat uniform.

5, pan. When making the pan, use a special iron racquet to carry the meat out of the pan one by one, and after the raw soup in the pan is rinsed, the meat will be placed on the disinfected tray, and the finished product will be cooled.

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Fresh Pepper Beef sauce

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