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How to make little swan chili sauce


Little Swan Chili sauce is one of Chongqing's famous chili sauce. It is famous for its fresh spicy taste, delicious fragrance, simple production, long-term storage and long-term economic benefits.

Production Method Soybeans (soybeans) are cooked, spread out to dry, and then the fried rice flour is mixed into the beans and stirred. The amount of rice flour can be mixed until the cooked beans are mixed and dispersed into granules. The plastic film is used to cover the fermentation. It is appropriate to grow golden bean curd on the appearance of the bean (and sometimes grayish). Let the fermented soybean meal dry until it has no moisture. Finally, the fresh pepper was washed, dried, chopped and mixed with dried soybean pods and 30% salt, and repeatedly stirred until the pods were damp and moist. In order to make the chili sauce taste more delicious, you can add a little ginger, garlic, fennel and other seasonings. With a proper amount of porcelain jars, place the pepper pods in the altar and seal the mouth of the altar. After 3 to 8 months storage, serve and serve.

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